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February 18, 2022


Dear Citizens of Tarrant County,


I have known Tiffany Burks since she began her career as an Assistant Criminal District Attorney in Tarrant County. Her integrity is beyond reproach and her skills and abilities are top notch. In addition, I personally know that Tiffany is dedicated to the Democratic Party and its principles as having voted for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Beto O'Rourke in the past and having supported other Democratic candidates as well.


As an African American woman, Tiffany is attuned to the challenges people of color face in seeking justice through our criminal legal system. She has voiced her concerns regarding same during her tenure with the DA's office, including as Deputy Chief of the Criminal Division. Tiffany Burks is dedicated to working towards eliminating bias in all respects when she becomes our elected District Attorney, and that is why I am voting for her.




Mike Heiskell

Criminal Defense Attorney

February 17, 2022


To the Citizens of Tarrant County:


The Ministers for Justice Coalition stands for Justice, and Pastor Kyev Tatum and members of the Ministers for Justice Coalition of Texas are standing with Ms. Tiffany Hamilton-Burks for Tarrant County District Attorney in the democratic primary in March 2022.


Ms. Burks’ integrity, wisdom, experience, and commitment to improving the mental health, poverty, and drug addiction within our communities align well with the mission ad purpose of the Justice Coalition.


We are Tarrant County and we stand with Tiffany Burks in this historic run.


In service,


Pastor Kyev Tatum

Ministers for Justice Coalition of Texas

February 24, 2022

Dear Citizens of Tarrant County,

I served as a prosecutor in the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office for 27 years. During that time, I worked very closely with Tiffany Burks for several years in the Gang Unit where we tried a number of cases together. In later years we were both Deputy Chiefs of the Criminal Division with similar responsibilities. I know her as a colleague and as a friend. I can say, without reservation, that of all the candidates seeking the post of District Attorney, regardless of party, Tiffany is far and away the most qualified. Her skills as a trial lawyer are superb. Her managerial skills are superb. Her ability to quickly process information and make sound decisions are superb. She is not reactionary. She is not hot-tempered. She never has, and never will, base her decisions on what best suits any political agenda. Under her administration political prosecutions will not exist.

Tiffany knows who she is and where she is from. She is a fierce defender of the African American community. In all things she is guided by her faith, her love of family, and fidelity to her community. As a prosecutor she has vigorously pursued those who prey on others. As a supervisor she has stood watch to make sure that prosecutorial decisions are never influenced by race. Tiffany has always been a mentor to the young African American attorneys when they were hired by the office. And, when justified by performance, she has fiercely advocated for their advancement.

Tiffany is open-minded and fair. She listens to opposing viewpoints and clearly explains her own. She has helped me, a middle-aged white male, see things (to the extent that is possible), through the lens of her community, and for that I will be forever grateful.


Tiffany’s support is homegrown and strong.  Many lawyers from both sides of the bar have been telling me for months that they want Tiffany to win. Criminal justice professionals, those who know what the job entails, overwhelmingly support Tiffany over all other candidates.



Kevin Rousseau

Criminal Defense Attorney

Former Deputy Chief, Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office

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