The Criminal District Attorney's Office will be an office with public service as the cornerstone, not politics. Public trust will be rebuilt by seeking justice, with justice measured by:

  • Cultivating an experienced workforce of prosecutors who bring a strong sense of individualized justice to every case and who understand that justice doesn’t always mean a conviction 

  • Promoting safe communities without over-prosecuting or over-policing

  • Utilizing diversion programs that give people an opportunity to turn their lives around as an alternative to incarceration

  • Dealing with the concerns of police over-reach by building on those relationships made over the years to encourage community policing and a police training model of de-escalation

  • Supporting law enforcement officers who protect and serve our communities by holding those who violate our laws accountable

  • Partnering with community liaisons to deal with the challenges that come with homelessness, mental health issues and drug addiction, and their impact on criminal conduct

  • Creating an effective and responsive bail system that ensures a defendant's appearance while protecting the community